Life on earth has been millions of years ago. Humans were not the first and only creatures on earth. Several organisms, including plants and animals, have also prevailed. Both humans, plants, and animals have a share of the natural resources as much as habitats.

Human beings being the smartest of all animals, have developed and modified the ecosystem. However, the cleverness of humans might lead to the extinction of many existing organisms. If this happens, the entire food chain in the ecosystem will be affected.

In the purest sense, the only place where sereneness and wildness coexist is nature. This simply means that when we visit nature, we feel peaceful and ease all at the same time. So, this may be because all lives begin and end in nature.

Bottom line: The greatest teacher of the universe is nature. It tells us that even amid the chaos, life will always find a way to carry on.

Here at Wilderbeest apparel, we're aiming to make a vast awareness through our products, on why wildlife endangered species life matters.

Why is it important to maintain a sustainable ecological balance?

To maintain a sustainable and healthy ecological balance, all wildlife species, including plants, animals, and marine species, are all as important as humans.

This is because each organism has a special function that it provides in the food chain, which helps to contribute to the ecosystem in its unique way. But unfortunately, many of these species are getting endangered in the wild.

What is an endangered species?

Endangered species is a plant or animal that is exposed to the risk of extinction. Some of the lists of such species include Vaquita, Saola, Tiger, Sumatran, Elephant, Orangutan, Sea turtles, Amur Leopard, etc. It is estimated that over 50% of the world's wildlife species are at risk of extinction.

Chain of extinction is one of the four most general reasons that lead to wildlife destruction. The other three are habitat fragmentation and destruction, overkill, and impact of introduced species in the ecosystem.

Here at Wilderbeest apparel, we believe that if endangered species are not protected, it could eventually go into extinction. Extinction has numerous implications on the importance of wildlife in the ecosystem. Such as food, water, environment, and even health.

Furthermore, we are concerned about the accelerating rates of extinction. Extinction rates in the past were mainly as a result of natural causes such as asteroid impacts and volcanic eruptions. Then, ninety-nine percent of all species that have ever lived have gone into extinction.

But today, the rate of extinction is occurring 1,000 to 10,000 times faster than before. This is mainly as a result of the modern world in which we live presently. So, the main modern causes of extinction could either be overexploitation of land and water resources, climate change, habitat degradation (deforestation), or nitrogen pollution.

Scientists have found out that all species are connected like a web. In the web of life, it is demonstrated that most tolerant species eventually become endangered when the less-tolerant species, on which they rely, disappear. Therefore, if we try to conserve one species in the ecosystem, we are probably saving such habitat and other species that inhabit there.

The extinction of a single species can also affect the functionality of the entire ecosystem.

What are the consequences of extinction?

It is no doubt that when a species gets endangered, this weakens the strength of the ecosystem. It is a sign that the ecosystem is gradually falling apart.

Remember that ecosystem chains depend on each other for a complete cycle. And each species that is lost will trigger the loss of other species in the ecosystem as well.

Also, human depends on only a healthy ecosystem to purify the environment.

Have you heard about the Endangered Species Day?

Endangered species day, falls on every third Friday in May. It is celebrated annually. It is a day where success and stories of endangered species are celebrated. It also includes learning about the species that are in danger.

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