Wilderbeest Shades Makes History

Being a part of history doesn’t necessarily need to be written down on paper. Being able to anonymously contribute to the society can also considered making history.

Wilderbeest, a manufacturer of premium optic wear (sunglasses), apparel (clothing), and accessories, has launched a series of shades that is not only at the height of fashion but also let you leave your mark in history. Several shades they have are Original Wayfarers, Classic Wayfarers with Chrome Post, Gold Classic Aviators, Red Beetle Sunglassses, and Polarize Wood Frame. Each type has their own advantage that will surely boost your self-esteem and appearance.

Those shades has been a part of history for a long time will still be stylish for quite some time. Most importantly, it evolves. It has started as eyewear, eye protection, to an icon of fashion. Now, it is time to fulfill its function as both eye protection and fashionable eyewear.

Surely, Wilderbeest’s product is not all about appearance. The product are designed with the health of your eyes and the health of environment in mind. Well, you know that the sunlight can be really bright and ultraviolet is harmful, and therefore it is advisable for those with sensitive eyes to wear eyewear. And while on it, let’s do it with style.

Every shades of Wilderbeest is equipped with UV-400 protection. Additionally, it comes with polarized lenses that function to reduce glare. Your eyes will definitely be protected.

Another benefit of purchasing Wilderbeest’s shades is that due to Wilderbeest’s concern over environment, none of Wilderbeest’s product is made of animal skin and such. Several of their shades have its frame especially made from wood. Even then, Wilderbeest makes sure that they do not exploit the woods and have been strictly following the rules. Later, several percent of Wilderbeest’s profit will be donated and proceeds for the wildlife and endangered species reservation. Someday, it is hoped that our earth will improve its health by this small act of Wilderbeest.

Now let’s talk about style. As mentioned, each type of Wilderbeest’s shades has its uniqueness. For one, Wayfarer type of shades have been popular since long before and still among the favorite of the recent. It will let you be the center of attention. Its dark colored glass makes you classy.

As for the Gold Classic Aviator, it is designed to meet the needs of you who really want the maximum style.  It usually is wore by pilot, hence the name aviator glass. And its design with wide-lensed is indeed made for full protection for eyes. Gold Classic Aviator’s lenses are designed to make the vision sharper. Its ideal  frame makes your eyes to be maximum and optimum protected.