Wilderbeest Protects Both Fashion Style as Well as the Wildlife

Wilderbeest strikes the fashion community with their premium optic wear (sunglasses), apparel (clothing), and accessories. Launching shades such as Original Wayfarers, Classic Wayfarers with Chrome Post, Gold Classic Aviators, Red Beetle Sunglassses, and Polarize Wood Frame, Wilderbeest is confident that their featured products will be able to improve your fashion style as well as boost your confidence.

However, Wilderbeest is not just your usual fashion brand. There is a reason why Wilderbeest takes their brand and icon as such. The word ‘Wilderbeest’ is taken from the animal Wildebeest. Just like Wildebeest that contribute to ecosystem, Wilderbeest want to contribute to society and nature.

Wilderbeest has resolved to contribute proceeds on an annual basis to different organizations to help save various wildlife animals and endangered species. First, their product doesn’t exploit animal. And then several percent of Wilderbeest’s profit will go to the causes to protect endangered species. By proxy, if you make your purchase at Wilderbeest, you also contribute to the survival of wildlife animal and endangered species.

Without a doubt Wilderbeest will not make their customers feel like doing charity for free. Wilderbeest’s product is designed with the height of fashion on mind. Combined with one of the best customer services you will surely have experienced, shopping at Wilderbeest;s online vendor will be quite enjoyable.

Wilderbeest’s customer service is open on Monday to Saturday. During the work hours, Wilderbeest will definitely provide the customer with the best response possible. Most importantly, Wilderbeest is very responsible seller. It’s true that they sell the best product, but not only that, they also provide with the best afterservice. Wilderbeest understands that some of the product, especially optical wear, are fragile, and therefore has chosen UPS as their shipping method to ensure the safety of the product until it reaches the customer’s hands.

Wilderbeest also apply return policy on their product. Customer can exchange the product they are not satisfied with a product of equal or lesser value, or demand a refund. Of course return is only possible if the product hasn’t been wore, still has the original tagging on, and doesn’t have any scratch or any mark (for sunglasses and optical wear). While Wilderbeest always does inspection on their product before sending them to the customer, human error can happen.  If what the customer receives is already defective, Wilderbeest takes the full responsibility as long as the claim is made within 30 days of purchase.

What else are you waiting for? At Wilderbeest, not only you can have fashion product that is currently one of the ‘in’, you are going to experience a good time of shopping. Moreover, the money you spend at Wilderbeest won’t just stay at mere capitalist company, but is shared for the wildlife reservation causes. Just visit their online vendor at www.wilderbeest.com, make your purchase, and make your contribution in saving the animals.