WilderBeest Debuts new Fashion Sunglasses Line that Benefits Wildlife and Endangered Species

WilderBeest, announce that the company will launch and feature quality sunglasses with an upcoming line of apparel. WilderBeest is a company with a conscience and contributes a portion of its proceeds towards the care and preservation of wildlife and endangered species.

“Let’s go #beestmode for fashion and wildlife,” said one of WilderBeest spokesman. 

The company’s sunglasses come complete with a microfiber pouch and cleaning cloth. Each pair of genuine WilderBeest optic wear is discreetly emblazoned with the company’s unique logo. The polarized lenses provide UV-400 eye protection and the company offers styles for everyone’s taste, from understated elegance to bold and colorful.

Shoppers will find the first phase of the company’s offerings in the form of WilderBeest sunglasses. One of the most popular is the trendy WilderBeest aviators. The gold classic aviator style has rectangular, polarized smoke colored acrylic lenses.

WilderBeest also offers original Wayfarers. The rectangular smoked lenses are highlighted by black frames. They provide a retro look that’s been popular for over a century with celebrities, musicians, and artists. Classic Wayfarers with a chrome post are also available.

For those that prefer a bolder look, WilderBeest red beetle sunglasses are available in a luxurious a gold frame. WilderBeest rounded sunglasses are highlighted by red lenses for a vintage feel and combined with modern technology for eyewear that will evoke a sense of the 1960s and the “British Invasion.”

WilderBeest also offers black, 100 percent natural wood-framed optic wear with metal hinges. The one-piece nose pad provides comfort for extended wear and the polarized lenses reduce glare for clear vision.

The fashionable offerings at WilderBeest enable everyone to display their unique sense of style in multiple ways. Eyewear makes a statement year-round, sets trends, and creates an air of mystery. Sunglasses provide essential UV protection for eyes and help in the fight against the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles from squinting.

The launch of WilderBeest provides fashionable men and women with a selection of stylish and affordable sunglasses appropriate for any occasion. WilderBeest cares about the planet’s wildlife and endangered species, donating a portion of its proceeds to help animals that can’t speak for themselves.

 About WilderBeest

At WilderBeest, we believe in genuine craftsmanship when it comes to the products that we manufacture and release. For the record, fashion is more than just the clothes that someone wears. It’s a statement that a person can make so our goal here at Wilderbeest is to provide premium optic wear, apparel, along with accessories that are currently in the making for our customers. Here at WilderBeest, we also support the good cause by contributing proceeds on an annual basis to different organizations to help save different wildlife animals and endangered species. Connect with WilderBeest on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter  and follow at WilderBeestGnu.

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