What’s your fashion statement?

Fashion and style are a reflection of an individual. While some like it loud and boisterous, some others love it on a low and quiet plane. Whichever one is yours, the unique thing is you can still make a fashion statement. Meanwhile, for years now, the designer sunglasses have become a staple for those who intend to dazzle and turn heads anywhere be it a corporate event or a party. Gone are the days when sunglasses were only worn at the beach and poolside. Today, there are a number of sunshades today that are made for the party, and they are a perfect match for gentlemen.

Wait a minute, are you just out for clothes? With our premium apparel section, we have got you covered. We have come to understand that fashion is much more than the cloth you wear, but it’s more about the statement you make with it. If you have been looking forward to making a huge fashion statement, we have got news for you, and yes it’s good news. You can now paint the town red with those items you have always loved delivered right to your doorstep.

How do you like them? Sunglasses in all its different styles, from all the designers that you love. From the legendary RayBan, Oakley, or the cutting edge Zennioptical or all you want is the best of apparel from the best designer’s world over, fret not, we have got your back. The WilderBeest online store is the place to be, an online store with a difference.

Not only do we ensure that your transactions on our website are safe, we leave no room to chance as we employ high-level encryption that ensures that no digital crumb is left for snoopers to pick up. We also ship your orders promptly while keeping your information safe and since we understand that sunglasses are usually fragile, we endeavor to ship them under the most secure condition as possible. This does not only eliminate the risk of damage to the sunglasses, we believe that it also increases our customer's experience.

Speaking of our sunglasses, we are proud to say they all have UV400 protection, and as this is the highest protection index you can get in sunglasses, it will shield you from 99-100% UVA and UVB rays, giving you the complete protection you need while having your sunglasses on. We also accept a variety of payment solution, that way you can always find the one that suits you the most.

Besides, the favorite part of the entire deal will catch you off guard. This is because, at WilderBeest, we are committed to making the world a better place, and to do that we have found out that all hands must be on deck. Therefore, we have decided to donate a portion of our proceed at WilderBeest to a charity that focuses on preventing the extinction of endangered species of animals, so the fact is as much as you will be making a fashion statement with each piece purchased from the WilderBeest online shop, you are also making the world a better place.