We love Wildlife, do you?

Our world is hanging by a thread; our planet is precariously edging towards an apocalypse. More animals have gone into extinction in the past 100 years than since the beginning of human civilization and yet, we don’t seem to notice.  Have you ever felt perplexed about the state of things in the world? Have you ever been concerned about the vast change that will occur in the ecosystem if some animals go extinct? If you ever felt like making a difference but you are not sure that your widow's mite can do enough. Well, we have thought about it and we have wondered about what we can do, which is why we are here to help.

While we are not a charity organization, the truth is we are just another business organization that is looking to make profits but we have come to realize the danger that is inherent in our planet if we continue to allow different animals to get extinct. This is exactly why we have pledged to give out a portion of our profit to charities and not for profit organizations that help to preserve endangered species of wildlife.

So, whether you a conservationist or you are a green planet buff, there is no better place for you to shop than the wilderbeest online store, this is because every product you buy from us increases the amount of money we will give out to the selected not for profit organization at the end of the financial year. So what are you waiting for, it’s time to make your orders and remember, you are making our planet a better place in the process. There is no deal that is more fabulous.

What more can you ask for? Dresses and accessories, sunshade, and reading glasses all at fantastic prices, and still a portion of the proceeds still goes into making the world a better place. That’s while the wilderbeest online store is where you should shop, not just now but every time. Because at wilderbeest, we don’t just want you to be fashion conscious alone, we want you to be world conscious and to make it in such a way that every item on you can resonate with that belief. We are asking that you don’t just shop for you, that you shop for the wellbeing of the earth, that you don’t shop only to look good but that you have the mindset that the world should look good.

Building a better world starts with you, it starts with you agreeing to shop, with you ordering that item. So today, please do shop. Order your items from the wilderbeest online store, and together let’s take giant strides in the right direction: the direction of making the world a better place. Together we can. Yes, let's redeem our planet using the collective effort of the items you purchase from our store. 

Let’s redeem the world in fashion. We love Wildlife, do you?