Make A Better World For Us And Animals.

In this era, more and more people are interested in fashion and actually take care of what they wear daily. Beside that it beautifies your appearance and increases self-esteem, fashion can also be used to raise social class. It is due to the exclusivity of some fashion items that are rarely found or limitedly made, so people are in competition to have it. Thus, the one who have limited fashion item must be quite wealthy with power on the side. This phenomenon of indulging oneself will pose no problem if only it doesn’t start harming our earth.

The rarer the basic material of a fashion item is, the more expensive the price will be. Often times, the basic material of a fashion item goes to far by using animals’ skin and bones. This is due to the high interest and request of customers who think that using animals as material of fashion item is a cool act. It is related to the tendency of using fashion to show their pride and class. Worse, wildlife animals has become the symbol of highest class of society since they are hard to catch and surely dangerous. High class people like to compare themselves to these wildlife animals since that means they are as powerful as them. Yet in fact, should we just give up on our earth for this sort of ego?

This earth is not a place that designed for human themselves. There are lots and lots other things that also have a right to live and need to be treated properly for the sake of our earth healthy ecosystem. Animals are one of it. Although wildlife surely dangerous for human, it does not mean that we human have to be a danger for them too by forcely take their lives for our fashion and pride. If this issue continues, wildlife animals is not the one who is dangerous but we the humans are.

In awareness of the important of saving wildlife animals life, Wilderbeest as a platform that sells eyewear as a fashion item tries to promote awareness to fashion customers through its products. Wilderbeest eyewear uses a high quality basic material that are save and guaranteed of not harming wildlife animals. In addition, it contributes proceeds on an annual basis to different organizations to help save different wildlife animals and endangered species. Wilderbeest also helps supporting various foundation and organizations around the world that working on saving wildlife animals lives and habitat. Thus, by shopping with us at Wilderbeest you are also helping make the world a better place for wildlife animals. What a jackpot saving a life while doing something really simple such as buying a fashion item for yourself.

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