The novel coronavirus, COVID19, is an infectious disease that primarily affects the lungs. The disease is caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. Scientists claimed that smoking weakens the functions of the lungs, thereby making it hard for smokers to survive if they get infected by the virus.  

Also, most people that were infected with the virus experience mild to moderate respiratory problems. But they recover without any special treatments. Older people and people with medical issues like cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular, and chronic respiratory disease are likely to develop severe illnesses.

However, the best way to reduce or prevent the spread is by getting the right information about the virus. It is the duty of every individual across the globe, where this pandemic has occurred, to protect themselves and others.

How do we protect ourselves from spreading COVID-19

  • The recommended ways to protect ourselves from this pandemic include the following:
  • Avoid touching the face with unwashed hands.
  • Washing our hands with soap under running water for 20seconds.
  • Using hand sanitizers and alcoholic based robs.
  • Wearing a tube mask or face mask.
  • Practice personal hygiene.
  • Building a stronger immune system.
  • Practice social distancing, etc.

How does Covid19 spread?

The COVID-19 virus is transmitted primarily through saliva droplets or the droplets released from the nose when an infected person sneezes or coughs.

Therefore we must practice respiratory etiquette. This etiquette includes coughing or sneezing into a bent elbow.

Presently, there are no definite treatments or vaccines that cure COVID-19.

Also, clinical trials are still ongoing to evaluate potential treatments.

There has been a circular update about the recommendations that every individual member of the public should deem it fit to wear a face mask or tube mask. This will help to cover their faces when they are outside. Especially in areas where the spread of the Coronavirus is intense.

How Wilderbeest tube mask and face mask can help to prevent the spread of Covid19         

The most popular image that best proclaims coronavirus disease is perhaps the face mask. This material is now available in different colors, sizes, and texture, primarily made of fabrics. Unlike before, when there was no attack of COVID-19 in the world, where the surgical mask is the most common face masks. This surgical face mask is usually made of pleated paper or other non-woven materials.

The face mask thin-folded item is stretched across the nose and mouth of the wearer, then fastened behind their ears. Irrespective of any type of face mask that you get, they all look alike (same styles), and you wear them the same way.

Wilderbeest offers you one of her unique products, which is the face mask or tube mask. Our masks do not only prevent you from getting contaminated through the fluids from an infected person. But it also fits loosely and is designed to filter out the smallest airborne particles.

Not only have these special features made our face masks unique. They also have the signature of our brand on them. This signature is, additionally, a great advantage to the universe. Hence, it creates more awareness on why we need to conserve the wildlife resources and also protect them from the risks of extinction.

What else should you know about face masks in the prevention of COVID-19?

Face masks have become the most popular uniform for millions of people who wear masks to cover their faces when they want to go outside their vicinity.

Most stores that usually stock face masks are now empty due to its high demand. This has made this material so scarce to get. And it has resorted to many people from making their own. But yet, not individual has the insight to make such items by themselves. And this is why we are concerned at wilderbeest, on how we can make these materials much easier and faster to get.

All community members and nations are hopeful that wearing a mask will help to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Although wearing nose masks does not guarantee us protection from Covid19. But if used appropriately and all other etiquettes are practiced, it will be helpful

Unfortunately, people wear all sorts of masks just to ensure that they protect themselves. Forgetting that whatever type of mask you wear will not be effective if you touch it with unwashed hands and still wear it again. Note that as much as you wear a face mask, once it is in place, leave it until it's time that you want to clean it or throw it away.